Long overdue spring updates and A machine they're secretly building

Hi folks – it’s been too long. I’ve been promising to write a news post for about a month now, but the whole doing things got in the way of the whole writing things. Please accept my apologies and take this offering of a little of what we’ve been up to and a little of what’s coming next. – R
2015 Proto-type Mentorship Scheme
We are really, really pleased to announce that we’ll be working with emerging company Flickbook Theatre to help them develop their creative practice. Flickbook are based in the East Midlands and describe their work as “contemporary theatre with storytelling at its heart”. We’re looking forward to getting started with them this summer and in the meantime, if you’d like to find out more then follow them here and here.
A machine they’re secretly building
Something new, something secret, something angry…
We’ve recently spent some time in the studio at Tramway and at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (thank you both) learning about freedom and surveillance and citizenship and democracy and how what we say and do is gathered and picked over and used. Now we’re finding the words, putting it all together and we’re going to share what we know.
There’s further info here and more to follow soon.
Radio Proto
We’re also working on a new piece for radio. We’re telling the story of Lincolnshire’s Emelia Jessie Boucherett – often overlooked, she was one of the organisers of the women’s suffrage petition of 1866 and a catalyst for women’s rights in the UK.
And finally…
Nottingham residents, something beautiful is coming your way…