Calling all East Midlands-based graduate theatre companies…

Proto-type Mentorship Scheme 2015
The 2015 Proto-type Mentorship Scheme is designed to support graduate theatre companies seeking a professional career in the arts. We’ll be providing support to an East Midlands-based emerging company to help you engage with the organisational aspects of establishing your touring company, whilst developing your creative practice. The scheme runs from Summer 2015 into Spring 2016 and is comprised of tailor-made training sessions, detailed feedback, resources and networking opportunities. Please take a look at the application form below for more information or get in touch via
Application deadline 1st March 2015.
Please send completed applications and any supporting materials to

 Feedback from the 2012 pilot scheme…

“It’s a great opportunity, and we’re immensely lucky/grateful to given the chance to go through it.”
“We feel free to experiment with new performance styles and explore freely out of our comfort zones at the moment. This is in part due to a very productive artistic development session wherein a great deal of ground was covered, and in our eyes, a great many doors were opened creatively.”
“Throughout the sessions we were given a wealth of tips and guidance. All of this knowledge has been stowed away safely for us to use when it comes to touring and applying for funding for the first time.”
“A very positive experience. It made the professional dream real and helped us see the future of our little company a little more clearly.”

The 2015 scheme is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts.