Proto-type Theater



Fortnight is two-week long exploration of what it means to ‘be here, now’. Participants sign up to receive communications and attend secret events around their city, experiencing magical moments that are created for and by them.

Fortnight has travelled to Bristol [2011], Lancaster [2011], Manchester [2012], Oxford [2013] and is in Coventry for 2014.


Fortnight is a two-week long, fully immersive, experience based in the interactions and communications of daily life. Up to 200 participants sign up to receive messages that are sent to their mobile phones, email, and home address; these messages contain a series of poetic nudges that encourage those participating to question their sense of place. Participants also receive daily invitations to visit locations throughout their city where they can pause to reflect on what it means to be here now.



Created by Gillian Lees and Peter Petralia with Jack Dale and Katie Riley.

In collaboration with Adam York Gregory and

With creative contributions from Rachel Baynton and Andrew Westerside

Fortnight is a Nuffield New Works Commission from Nuffield Theatre Lancaster, commissioned by Mayfest and Watershed and supported by Manchester Metropolitan University. Fortnight was a 2010 Theatre Sandbox Commission in partnership with the Bristol Old Vic and has been co-commissioned by Contact Theatre. Fortnight has received support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Participants from Bristol 2011, Lancaster 2011 and Manchester 2012 had the following feedback:

It’s been an amazing 2 weeks, I am so glad I signed up to Fortnight. It did feel odd today not to have a mission to complete, it’s funny how quickly you get used to something.

Fortnight has been utterly magical. I’ve loved the tasks (although some have made me cry) and the texts and emails have been a little touch of beauty in a world which can seem a bit much sometimes. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.

I loved slowing down, looking at things through duck-y eyes, the encouragement to ponder on things which I would normally never think about. Really felt like a new part of my brain and my senses were coming to life!

Thanks fortnight. You made a real and positive difference to my life.

I’ve loved every minute of it! I especially loved the start.

On an individual level it’s been like therapy. Nothing less than transformative.

You really hit upon something, F. You managed to tap into the childish vein that all of us still possess, some better hidden than others, and show us how to really look at life.

When explaining Fortnight to people, I compared it to early reality TV shows when they were ostensibly about an ‘experience’ rather than drunk people arguing- in the sense that while the participants know there’s a group of people pulling the strings, they weren’t directly interacting with them full-time, and much of the fun came from their interpretation of the situation, the process in which they came through it, and the surprises which followed.

In a very hectic life fortnight provided a reassuring confidant and virtual guide. Thank you for the moments of reflection, pause, and wonder.