Proto-type are proud to have worked with the following associate artists:
Alice Booth, Stacey Carlson, Mandy Caughey, Lu Chekowsky, Max Giteck Duykers, Mark Esaias, Mikeah Jennings, Nicki Hobday, Glenn Kessler, Margie Lempert, Charley Layton, Alessandro Magania, Professor Rebecca M. K. Makus, MMUle (Martin Blain, Nick Donovan & Paul Rogers), Adam Nash, Thomas Pilutik, Meredith Smart, Duncan Speakman, Leentje Van De Cruys and Carlton Ward.

Dr. Peter S Petralia is Proto-type Theater’s Founding Artistic Director and he led the company from 1997-2012. With Proto-type he wrote, produced and directed works that premiered across the US and Europe and was the recipient of several awards, grants and residencies including: the HERE Artist Residency Program (NYC), Lincoln Center Director’s Lab (NYC), Das Arts (Amsterdam), 2004 Person of the Year (NYC), Mondo Cane Commission from Dixon Place (NYC), Creative Lab at The Centre for Contemporary Art (Glasgow), the Outside/Input Program of Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater (NYC) and Jerome Foundation Commission from PS122 (NYC).
Peter has been an active advisory board member for several UK Charities and was Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre in the Department of Contemporary Arts at MMU Cheshire. He currently works in Canada.

Adam York Gregory is an animator, graphic designer and digital artist who has worked on an eclectic range of projects including: comics (The Flowfield Unity), music video animation (Fingerprints and My Black Dog, Popinjay – The Joy Formidable), and film for live performance (Bar of Lost Souls – Imitating The Dog, Complicity Simplex and Two Peas without a Pod – Levantes Dance Theatre).
His work is primarily concerned with the tensions between the digital and the handmade, the reproducible and the unique. More information about Adam and his work is available at The Secret Surface.

David McBride has a Masters in Professional Contemporary Art Practice from Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts, and has worked as a performer, lighting designer and technician in Canada and Hong Kong.
David has worked with many companies including Drunken Chorus, Cupola Bobber, Judith Adams, Angel Club North, Pen-ultimate, and Forced Entertainment, and has toured his own solo piece, Creating Space.