A Dangerous Thing

A Dangerous Thing – Test Card / Proof of Concept (2021)

Part of The Truth to Power Project

A Dangerous Thing is a new, digitally animated work created in response to a world full of uncertainty.

We’re working with our long-time collaborator, visual artist Adam York Gregory, to create a digitally distributed new work that continues our socially-engaged exploration of power, democracy, truth-telling, protest, privacy, conspiracy, and control.

A dangerous new work,
for dangerous new times.

Expanding on ideas explored in our recent, critically acclaimed theatre works (A Machine they’re Secretly Building and The Audit), A Dangerous Thing wants to punch its way out of the screen and into our homes.

It wants to shake us up, to wake us up, to take us across the world and reveal all the huge and historic mistakes…

We’ll crawl into secret bunkers and sneak through closed board rooms. We’ll brave storms and riots and protests and injustice. We’ll journey through real and imagined futures and hunt down all those insidious lies, hiding in plain sight, running ahead of us with their boots on.

Mashing and melding animation styles, original sound and composition, contemporary performance and story-telling, A Dangerous Thing is coming, and it cannot be stopped.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”
Variously attributed to Alexander Pope (1709), ‘AB’ (1698), amongst others.

“Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have”
Lana Del Rey (2019)

“I did a dangerous thing for a man in my position: I decided to tell the truth”
Edward Snowden (2019)

A Dangerous Thing – ‘Sprite sheet’ (2021)

Proto-type Theater with Adam York Gregory:

Written by Andrew Westerside and Proto-type Theater
Performed and Devised by Rachel Baynton and Gillian Lees
Animated and Designed by Adam York Gregory
Original sound by Paul J. Rogers and Adam York Gregory

Produced by Gillian Lees
Marketing & Comms Rachel Baynton

A Dangerous Thing is part of Proto-type Theater’s socially-engaged Truth to Power Project and has been made possible through funding from the Arts Council England/DCMS Culture Recovery Fund, as well as through the continued support of ARC (Stockton), Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, The Lowry (Salford), Theatre-in-the-Mill (Bradford) & hAb/Word of Warning (Manchester). 

Arts Council England logo.

With thanks to the following organisations and funds who have supported and championed our work across The Truth to Power Project so far: ARC (Stockton), Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, The Lowry (Salford), Theatre-in-the-Mill (Bradford), hAb/Word of Warning (Manchester), Curve (Leicester), Warwick Arts Centre, Tramway (Glasgow), Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, Oxford Playhouse, artsdepot (London), Futures for Women, BBC Lincolnshire, Mansions of the Future, The Britten-Pears Foundation, Arts Council England, and the British Council.